Smart HVAC equipment

I have been battling it out with my husband for years over our utility bills. When we were married, we made a deal that he would go to work all day while I would run the household. I don’t tell him how to do his job, just like he doesn’t tell me how to run the household. Recently, he seems to have forgotten that the key to a successful marriage is remembering our deal. He has been getting into my business about the condo’s utility bills. He seems to suppose that he knows better about this simply because he is a man. Believe me, I am putting him back in his place! The amount of research that goes into running this condo efficiently would floor the man. However, he didn’t ask about that information, he just judged what he thinks he is seeing. He went behind my back recently, calling out the local HVAC provider to assess our new system. His thought was to find a way to lower our utility bills, which I do agree is a wonderful thought. A thought, actually, that I already had weeks ago. The HVAC specialist told my husband that he already spoke to someone about coming out this week to install a new Smart App into our primary thermostat. The specialist explained to him about our discussion plus the previous assessment, where we had deliberately decided this was the best option to choose. He told him that ‘this person’ had inquired about efficiency and the lowering of costs. He told my husband that he was quite impressed with how on top of the situation I had been. The apology that followed was the best apology I had ever received from my husband.

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