Smart heating and air

I have been dealing with someone with alzheimer’s disease for a few years now. I think this illness is one of the worst out there to deal with. While every illness has its difficulties, alzheimer’s affects the memory. Often the guy or gal who is caring for the individual is a family member. Not only are they watching their loved one slowly be erased, but they also watch all of their own personal memories slip away as well. They have to care for their loved one nonstop while often reminding them that they are family. It can be horrible. As I have been caring for my mother, I am faced with hardships and challenges all of the time. I don’t want to put her in a home since whatever memory she has left is in this house, but there are safety troubles like recently when my mother has been turning on the heating or the air conditioner full blast at any hour of the afternoon. She will leave the Heating or A/C component on for hours at a time completely oblivious. It is not just the heating or cooling expense, but the fact she can get overheated or freeze solid at any given time. I called down to the local Heating plus A/C provider for any help or advice in this area. He suggested I install the Smart App into her temperature control system. This will allow me to monitor the temperatures from an app in my cell phone. If he is using heat or air conditioner in excess, I can manage it all from my cell phone. She will never think plus it’s one way I can monitor his safety.

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