Should own smart thermostat

My girlfriend, Beth, and I have been having some arguments lately. Everything has been sort of  tense between us, because we’re in a new apartment & both have a lot of stress at work. We’ve also been struggling with some financial difficulties and overdue bills. It’s nobody’s fault, but the situation is stressful and we’re getty pretty overwhelmed;  We keep finding ourselves in the middle of  petty & ridiculous fights that ruin our nights together. As if it’s not hard enough to be upset about paying rent & utility costs each month, now we’re also arguing constantly.  It can result in some  immature actions and problems within the house. For instance, the latest fight is over the home’s thermostat. Because we both prefer opposite indoor air temperature settings, the thermostat has been a source of contention. Whenever we’re arguing, Beth will go turn the thermostat way down several degrees so that I’m uncomfortably cold in the house. If I go adjust it up, Beth is always right behind me to turn the air temperature back down again. What’s even worse is that we have a smart thermostat.  We can continue to make adjustments even when we are at work.  It’s no trouble to modify the temperature settings from a smartphone or my computer.  Both Beth and I keep changing it throughout the day, and it costs us a fortune. Not only is this annoying, but it’s not good for our gas furnace & air conditioner.  The electrical bill is out of control and our relationship is suffering!

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