Should I get rid of the a/c

My very bestie Leo and I are planning on moving into a brand new place! Our new place is just around many hours away for us right now. Still, every one of us have to pack everything up now, rent a u-haul and set up the new place right away. Right now Leo and I are trying to break some of those corners where every one of us can. The people I was with and I don’t want to move all of our possessions there. Leo’s couch has been the very same 1 he has had since college. It is bright red, leather and more than 1 guy has vomited on it for sure. The people I was with and I believe every one of us are going to leave it right behind. What Leo and I can’t decide on is our portable AC units. The people I was with and I each have our own portable cooling unit for the place. The AC systems are in great shape I would say, are rather powerful and have absolutely nothing wrong with them. The new place has central air conditioning though. The central AC idea is super brand new and works totally fine for me. So Leo and I technically should just pitch our very old portable AC units. But, what if our next place does not simply have AC? What if every one of us have a very nice central cooling maintenance right in the middle of Summer? What if I simply just go through premature menopause? There are so many incredible reasons why having many portable AC systems would come in much handy. Leo says that every one of us should definitely just toss them or sell them. I want to store them in our brand new place though. What would be the best idea for us? Perhaps I can get my mom to store them in her house maybe.