Should have serviced the heater

When I relocated to the south and moved into my new home the furnace was the last thing on my mind. I knew that I was going to be experiencing warm temperatures most of the time, and that’s why I didn’t think to look to make sure I would be able to use the furnace if needed. While no one predicted this winter to bring cold, we experienced about a month’s worth of freezing temperatures, and that changed quickly. The first time I went to turn on my furnace, I was floored when it started making a loud noise and refused to turn on. I ended up having to call an HVAC technician at the last minute to come out and make a repair. This was not good for me because the service visit ended up costing me several hundred dollars. That unexpected expense made me sick to my stomach, but there was no way around it. That was the first time that I began feeling really homesick for the northeast. Everyone there kept their heaters in good shape because they knew just how important they were. The people who owned my house before me probably rarely thought about taking care of the furnace. I like my new home a lot, but there are days like that when I question why I moved in the first place. I have had to do a lot of adapting over the past year! I will probably spend a few more years here, but I can’t see myself settling here permanently. I’ll eventually opt for something more familiar again, I’m sure.