Shopping with too much heating

I think the worst think I have ever done was shop on Christmas Eve. Even after midnight, the assembly of people is enormous at this point. However, I pushed it off, and I have to face the consequences. Christmas Ever began a few hours ago, as well as I’ve been confronting others for last hour gifts at WalMart until just now. It was like a living nightmare. The shelves were getting deserted, people were getting tense, as well as the lines to check out were sizable. The worst part about this whole ordeal was that the entire central Heating plus Air Conditioning plan had quit working only a few hours ago. And the store was quickly working on it. I counted at least 6 different Heating plus Air Conditioning repair workers up in the cross beams of the ceiling. So that they could safely work on the HVAC unit, they were fastened to chains. And thank goodness I had the AC men to  keep myself and others interested, because the store was really getting hot, and the clients were starting to sweat. Also, something about a lack of air conditioning, as well as the high humidity, instantly made myself and others agitated. Where I live, it gets nearly 80 degrees at Christmas, so I am not just complaining. HVAC units are vital around here. I waited in line for an hour, hating our laziness, as well as viewing the suppliers tinkering with the air conditioning ducts. Finally with a hasty burst, a group of bats erupted from the blocked air vent.