She won’t go without a/c

I always kid that my friend Judy  is going through menopause. Judy is only thirty-two but she’s always overheated.  Since Judy and I moved in together, I have not been required to start the heating system even once.  Judy never wants any heating whatsoever. She immediately becomes damp with sweat and whines over it. The majority of the time, Judy and I simply depend on our AC. During the fall, we typically run our cooling unit. In Winter, Juday and I never seem to need any type of Heating or A/C. Once Spring weather arrives, the cooling component usually stays on until Winter. I spend most of my time shivering and bundled  in layers due to Judy’s preferences. I can actually feel the heat come off her skin in waves. Her body is like a space heater. It is truly a baffling thing. Because Judy is like living with a 50 year old woman going through menopause, I make sure the AC is running at its best. Since the cooling unit is basically operating all the time, it is important that it is well cared for. I replace the air filter every month, and take the time to remove the buildup of grime, debris or mold from the cooling coil. I look over the condensate drain, checking for clogs, and inspect the fan and motor any sort of wear and tear. The last thing Judy and I need  is to have the air conditioner malfunction. She’d be so sweaty and uncomfortable. Plus, we’d be stuck spending our money for AC repair. So I make sure to perform the necessary maintenance. That way, the air conditioner is working at peak efficiency and capacity. We save money and are more comfortable.