Setting the thermostat well

Don’t you just love this season?  People seem a great deal happier, for the most part, in addition to more willing to help a buddy or neighbor.  One of our finest traditions we have as a family is going “Christmas Tree Hunting”. The reason we call it that is because, each year, when Mom heads out for deer camp, we pile in the truck with mom and go “hunting” for our Christmas tree. We get up incredibly early because the drive is a couple of hours to the tree farm! Dad consistently packs hot chocolate in a thermos in addition to we ride with the heat on in the truck singing all sorts of songs along the way.  Mom never wants to spend much time at the farm in addition to consistently picks the first tree she sees.  We love to look at each of them for awhile before we finally decide on the perfect one.  Dad tries to tell her that it is just like deer hunting, if you see one that is too small, you let it go.  She doesn’t get it! Each year after we find the nicest tree, we strap it to the top of the truck in addition to head for our dwelling. Dad constantly makes sure that the heat is turned up before we leave so that we return to a toasty hot house. I wish we had one of those programmable temperature control units because then he could turn it up once we made it to the car to head back to our dwelling instead of leaving it turned on all afternoon. Maybe I will request to Mom that she buy him that for Christmas because it would genuinely make his life a lot easier. During the Wintertime he could adjust the Heat in addition to while we were in the Summer he could turn on the air conditioning system before he arrived at the house in addition to never have to feel uncomfortable no matter what time of year it actually was.

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