Setting temperature too low

My coworkers plus I have had some complications of late with management inside of the workplace.  They have decided that they need to cut back on any extras plus it is making life difficult.  I think they are secretly hoping some of us will quit plus this will save them on paying the extra salaries.  I, for one, need my job position because I am the main source of income for my family so I must put up with whatever changes occur.  First, they cut out supplying the break room with coffee plus snacks.  That I had no major problem with because I constantly brought my own from the apartment anyway.  Next, they started rationing office supplies like they were gold.  This is a significant problem because the people I was with and I need basic supplies to complete our tasks.  At least they didn’t ration toilet paper in the bathrooms.  The latest thing is that they have lowered the temperature in the building by several degrees on the thermostat.  This is in an effort to save money on energy bills plus this has many people feeling that they just can’t tolerate it anymore.  You wouldn’t think that only a few degrees would make that huge of a difference but it going from 65 degrees to 60 degrees makes it incredibly cold.  I wear an extra sweater plus layer of socks but my fingers are so cold they refuse to type.  I get that they want to save money but the people I was with and I are less productive so they are genuinely paying people more money to do less work with the low setting on the thermostat.  I did suggest that they contact a Heating plus A/C supplier to see if she had some better suggestions on how to save on energy bills rather than freeze all the employees out.

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