Set up with a fireplace

My friends log home can be so inviting! It’s equipped with a wood fireplace, has an incredible viewpoint, and feels so warm together with toasty features. My husband and I were tired of being jealous and I’m honestly not a person who sits around and waits to undertake things she wants, so we also got a log home shortly after. We wanted to enjoy the relaxation and luxuries it provides, after all that should be what life is all about in our older years. Our log home was a little different from ones I’d looked at, but I liked it because the set up was unique and unlike any one of my friends log homes. Originally, my wife and I thought our new  beautiful stove would heat the full house easily  and we would benefit from our forced air heat being backup, but we were sadly incorrect. Because we have a dome-like roof, the heat from the stove goes directly upstairs. This requires us of having multiple ceiling fans to push that hot air circulation back in. We truthfully expected this, but we also thought the direct stove would expand outwards into all of those other open floor space like the dining room and family room. But oh simply no it didn’t at all!  Even sitting on the couch about a few feet with the stove, I need to be covered with a blanket, and I’m even uncomfortably chilly with the kitchen cooking. The agony. Perhaps if we built a regular ceiling, the temperatures might go where most people wanted it to, but the space of the ceiling through shut off our calculations. Also the stove is designed to be run 24/7 and because we’re gone most of the day, the stove doesn’t get used until the evening. This is simply not the heavenly escape that we expected.