Set up of the HVAC equipment

I have recently started delivering groceries to make a little extra cash, and it’s going undoubtedly well. I am excited about the things I will be able to do with the cash. I am planning on taking a trip to see my parents, and a trip to go see one of my old college friends, all with the cash I am making delivering groceries. Delivering groceries is a super easy job, and one of the most enjoyable things about it is getting to see other people’s homes. Just recently, I was delivering to a large, fancy home located right along the river. The home had a beautiful view of the water. When I complimented the owner of the home, she threw up her hands in despair. She told me that she hated that old home because it was historic! I did not understand, so she explained. The home never had central air conditioning and heating installed because it was built before air conditioning and heating were even a thing! Now, because the home is so old, it is protected by a historic society. The historic society has to approve all changes, including anything that has to do with HVAC. They will only approve certain types of central heating and A/C, but unfortunately, all of those kinds of systems are either unavailable in our area or too high-priced for the owner to install. So, for the past twenty years, she has had to live without central air conditioning or heating in her home. And alas, no one will buy the home because it does not have central heating or air conditioning. Now, I understand why she hated her home.

HVAC update