Seeking a new air conditioner

For the very first time, I went to the most well known amusement park in the land. I spent a year budgeting my money accordingly for the hotel, food, and park tickets. I have dreamed about visiting this park for as long as I can remember. It would be an understatement to say I was excited. Before visiting, I did a lot of research. I needed to know how much money to spend on food and other expenses. Most people told me to bring double the money I had reserved for food alone. I couldn’t understand why they would tell me this since I had checked the cost of food in the park. Yes, they were more expensive than usual, but I didn’t think I needed as much as they said. From the first day in the park, I realized quickly that they were all right. The food prices were as much as they were when I did my research, but I ate a lot more than I expected. And this wasn’t because I was hungry, it was because of the overwhelmingly hot temperature outside. I spent hours on end walking around in the blazing hot sun. I wanted more ice cream and cold beverages than I had expected, just to cool myself down internally. I had only accounted for three basic meals a day. I didn’t anticipate my desire to be inside a restaurant with air conditioning all the time. Luckily, all of the restaurants had air conditioning inside. But they were also packed with other people who wanted a break from the hot temperatures. I bought more overpriced water and meals than I had expected. All because the temperature was too hot and I desperately needed conditioning. Never underestimate the power of a scorching hot day!

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