Safety with heating

The news has alerted area residents to stay home in the safe environment of your heated home and to not get on the roads, unless you really must go into work, such as a first-responder.  However, if your heating device is not keeping you warm, you may need to make other arrangements for the benefit of your family since winter is upon us and cold temperatures will remain in the region, and the lower temperatures put stress on heating and a/c device that is used to generate heat, and breakdowns occur.  In addition, energy costs will increase when temperatures drop and if your heating system goes out in the middle of winter, it can be a big problem, and that is especially true if you have small children. The news went on to report that emergency personnel are asking that the residents prepare as much as possible for this extreme storm and if you do not have heat in your home or access to a heated home, to please plan ahead and get yourself and your pet to one of the several pet-friendly heated shelters as rapidly as you can safely make that possible.  Since our outside temperature was much warmer just last week, I’m sure this different weather has taken several people by surprise. That’s why our father constantly told me to keep a winter survival kit in the car. It could just save a life someday. In the meantime, I’ll stay in a heated and safe environment and wait out the storm. I’m sure this will be just another snow day, resting by the fireplace, and the kiddos will love it!

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