Safe operation of the heater

A good neighbor of mine recently had a fire in her property.  The fire was caused by a faulty section heater.  She had left the section oil furnace plugged in and it was operating, but she wasn’t paying enough attention to it.  Someone placed a blanket on the section heater, and the blanket caught on fire.  Although the fire spread abruptly, the fire was contained to the family room and no one was actually hurt.  This incident, however, motivated myself and others to remove the section heating systems from our home.  I always used section heating systems in each of the rooms for extra warmth on especially cold evenings.  I live in an area where we face extreme hot and cold temperatures in the Wintertime.  It can drop well below zero quite often, and keeping the entire apartment perfectly sizzling is a tad bit costly.  I sometimes turn the thermostat down inside of the evening, and then rely on the section heating systems to keep the family rooms warm enough.  I have now decided to pay the higher heating bills to run the oil furnace at a much higher setting.  I guess the oil furnace is perfectly safe to operate for the most part.  I hire a licensed Heating & A/C professional to maintenance the heating equipment every fall.  The professional takes the oil furnace apart and checks over all of the components.  He clears away any accumulation of dust or debris which could slow down airflow and cause the oil furnace to overheat.  He verifies safety, tightens electrical connections, lubricates moving parts, and switches out the air filters.  If there are any malfunctioning parts, he makes sure to update them.  Because of this, the oil furnace works at peak heating capacity as well as energy efficiency.  I don’t need to be worried about fumes, fire or harmful combustion byproducts, such as carbon monoxide.

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