Running with no form of AC

I had it in our mind that I was going to join a marathon! I am a talented runner that can go for miles and miles separate from getting very tired, and the only snag is that I can do this on an indoor treadmill. I can head to our gym and run on the treadmill an easy 12 miles. I assumed that jogging on a treadmill versus jogging outside was not that different. Running outside is a way weird ball game; 1st, you have way more uneven ground, however 2nd, our water and the lavatory inside the gym is not there with myself and others outside. I get thirsty a great deal faster and also typically worry about needing to pee. The worst factor is that predicting the weather is virtually impossible, then in our gym I knew what the AC would be set at. The cooling plan would normally keep myself and others at the most ideal temperature and I would just run. I never would overheat or particularly sweat due very much to the great cooling system; Outside there is no AC or any form of climate control. I would spend most of the run either way too warm or way too cold. If the daylight is blasting, I sweat heavily and worry about getting a sunburn. I also think I could pass out cold separate from any refreshing water or cooling nearby. If the daylight is behind the clouds, I freeze to death in our running shorts and wish for heating, now that I have tried outdoor running, I suppose that I no way could jog a marathon. If the marathon took stadium in a temperature controlled gym somewhere, then I would be a champion. As long as they happen outside though, I will have to pass.

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