Routine with thermostat

I occasionally wonder if I would do better at staying in a fitness routine if I had a gym in my household. I tend to put off going on jogs when the weather isn’t great because I don’t appreciate battling the heat or the extreme chilly temperatures if I don’t have to. This is why I have been considering converting my spare study room into a gym. If I put a treadmill and some weights in there, I would easily be able to get the A/C running before a workout on a hot afternoon. This would keep me from having to battle the brutal heat. If it were cold, I could just make adjustments to the temperature control and get the furnace running. This is all that I would need to stay fit throughout the year. Heart disease runs on both sides of my family, so I try to be moderately health-conscious. I definitely want to be in a routine where I run 3-4 times a month no matter what happens. I assume this would be enough to maintain a reasonable weight and feel perfectly good. I never actually realized how much the weather could impact someone’s willingness to get a jog in. I think I should have thought about making my extra room into a gym a long while ago. Being able to modify the temperature control before lacing up for a run is all that I require to keep myself motivated and willing to break a sweat. I’m cheerful that I have the extra room and the Heating plus Air Conditioning device that I require! I hope to lose more than nine pounds over the next few weeks, and I assume this will allow me to get it done.

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