Reusing old a/c equipment

My good friend and I first met when we worked together in heating and air conditioning repair. Our boss back then was thrifty on his best days. He believed that everything we threw away could’ve been salvaged! The two of us saw this man dig through piles of trash outside of a factory just to collect scrap to sell off at a recycling plant, and while his sense of thrift was almost admirable, he taught us lessons about what to discard or save. With his training, my friends and I grew to appreciate refabricating outdated machinery. I like to refurbish outdated air conditioners and fans. More often than not, our refurbished products look better than they did on their day leaving the factory! Well, one day a coworker and I wrapped up a job on the west side of town. We went into this gas station for some cool drinks. It was a hot summer day, and the sunshine was relentless shining down on us. When we entered the gas station, we noticed the store was incredibly hot, as if there was hardly any air flow at all! The clerk told us that the owner doesn’t love running the air conditioner since the doors are opening all day. To a couple of guys who spend all day working in the heat that wasn’t the ideal situation. On our way back to the workshop, we both had the same idea. We decided to refurbish this outdated metal oscillating fan for the clerk at the station. When the two of us finished the fan, and took it back to the gas station the next day, we presented it to the clerk. He was speechless! We could tell how happy he was to have it, which frankly was payment enough for us. Every time we come through the store and see that clerk with a smug grin, resting in front of his important fan, it puts a smile on our faces.

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