Restaurants and heating/air

I have been managing diners for as a long as I can remember. I have consistently loved a great social environment, but. as far back as I can remember into our childhood, I have consistently had a passion for food. I am, actually, a pretty fantastic chef if I do say so myself. I have even considered investing in my own little cafe at some point! But, for now, I stick to running high end diners while noting experiences from each occasion as to what works and what doesn’t work so well; Recently, I have been entirely looking at the unusual design of each diner, and the most popular complaint that I have heard constantly in each eatery is the lack of control in the heating plus a/c. There seems to be no universally correct way to solve the problem that could please the majority of everyone’s individual body temperatures as well as personal preferences. I hear from the kitchen how they are constantly overheated, since the chef refuses a/c that will end up cooling down his food temperatures and lowering food quality. The people are then overheated in the main dining area, since that lack of a/c affects them in noticeable ways as well. The folks I’ve worked with have tried various methods like: stationary fans, portable electric gas furnaces, as well as cooling systems. But, in all honesty, that is just a complete a joke. After much testing, I have found the key solution. Zone Control heating on top of a/c is the new answer! This app is installed into the control unit, which grants you the ability to change the temperature to your preference in all of the unusual areas of the diner, everyone is now happy!

ductless ac