Reducing the work for a/c

When I started noticing shingles lying in the sod of the yard, I knew there must be a problem with our roof.  Since our roof was not all that old, I was not glad about calling a supplier for repairs.  The supplier tested the entire roof plus told me that the shingles had deteriorated so abruptly because of insufficient attic insulation levels.  Living in a region with harshly hot plus humid summer seasons plus super chilly Winter times, having official attic ventilation is essential to the lifespan of the roof plus the comfort plus long-term health of the home.   Ventilation allows cool, fresh air to enter the attic plus exhausts hot and damp air through a small venting system.  During the Wintertime, mixing the cool outside air with the warmer attic air allows less snow to melt on the roof, avoiding excessive amounts of ice.  During the summer season, there is a great deal less moisture build up within the attic, which combats destruction to the home’s structure plus helps avoid issues of festering mold plus mildew growth.  Ventilating the attic regularly also helps to conserve energy plus reduce daily utilities.  When heat is trapped within the confines of the attic, it then forces the cooling system to job harder to cool down the house.  The longer cycle will put greater stress upon the cooling system’s components, leading to more frequent repairs plus shortens the lifespan.  Along with repairs to the roof, I also hired a local Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C supplier company who specializes in attic ventilation issues.  The Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C serviceman added layers of insulation to the attic plus installed six exhaust vents.  The cost was low plus I’ve honestly used the investments with the lower electric plus gas bills.  I noticed the improvements in comfort in our home right away.  And I’ve been able to adjust the climate control unit to draw less energy.  

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