Rating for our air conditioner

I am always receiving these keys in the mail.  At least once a month, we acquire a key to a brand new car, as well as an announcement that every we are a finalist.  If we don’t win the car, every we are guaranteed a beautiful parting gift. This month, I almost took them up on their offer.  They are giving away five brand new window cooling systems. I could use a new cooling system for our home. The one in our living is getting a bit old, and summer season is on the way, eventually.  I told him that every we won’t win the car, because I don’t think they ever really give them away. We could always walk away with a new cooling system. He flatly said no, because he hates the tough sales that go with these ‘promotion’.  He says they are gimmicks, and I know he is right. Instead, we decided to go shopping for cooling systems on our own. My husband is the type that things bigger is regularly better. When he measured up the living area, according to the calculations, we needed a 24000 BTU for our a/c.  He started looking at 36000 BTU AC unit. I’m not an expert on AC, however I think that it can be just as disappointing when you go too big, as when you go too small. I’m not into wasting energy, as well as why would I buy a larger unit, when the 24000 BTU is all every one of us need for our home.  I won’t argue with him, however if I see the bills going too high, I will trade him. He can pay the new energy bills, and I’ll pay the health insurance.