Problem with the a/c in the car

At the young age of more than six my dad taught me how to drive a car, both automatic and manual and by fifteen I could fully disassemble and reassemble almost any car. Ever since then we have been buying outdated and beat up cars then repairing and restoring them like new. Some people will pay a good deal of money for these outdated but  appealing vehicles. Because they are so outdated they sometimes do not have all the up-to-date luxuries we are used to today, such as power windows, heated seats, and air conditioners. This can be problematic in some cases because when people spend a lot of money, they are expecting all the extra features that just do not come with older cars! For example, I recently restored a gorgeous outdated car that really did have air conditioner. I had a potential buyer that was only interested in cars with some of these up-to-date features, including the air conditioner. I thought it was very wonderful timing and set up a time for him to see the vehicle. When he saw the car he was unquestionably thrilled. I really thought it was a slam dunk. However when he got inside the car and started it up I wanted to show him the feature that he thought was the most important. But, when I turned on the air conditioner it made a odd squeaking noise and no filtered air was coming out of the vents. I could not justify it! I explained how strange it was for such an outdated car to have air conditioner, let alone an HVAC system at all and this car also had a  heater as well. He ended up getting the car anyways after I promised to repair the unit. I do like cars, however it can be a risky business!

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