Post office

My job wasn’t the most exciting one in the universe, but it definitely paid the bills. I worked in a local post office, and my days could get pretty repetitious. There were some days that were exciting, but that was usually only when there was some type of emergency. Considering I worked at a post office, we actually had quite a few instances where police had to come to the location. You’d be shocked what some people try to put in the mail! One day last week we had a weird thing happen, but it didn’t involve strange packages. It all started when the air conditioner broke down. It was a normal day, and the air conditioner was working it’s cooling magic. All of a sudden, a loud bang came from the air conditioner unit, and it abruptly stopped. The post office soon turned into a walk in furnace! My boss quickly called the local HVAC business to get a HVAC technician out to our office, but they couldn’t send one until later that day. Until then, we would have to suffer the repercussions of the broken air conditioner. Along with the terrible heat, we also had to deal with sticky envelopes! Good air quality is necessary to keep envelopes from sticking to each other, and without a working air conditioner they started to stick to everything! It was actually quite comedic to behold. Eventually, however, the HVAC technician showed up and was able to fix the air conditioner. Now we just had to clean up all the glue from the envelopes that was sticking everywhere!

HVAC repair