Plane flying and cooling

I saw a film once where the narrator was going on about spending too much time on planes for his job position. He met so many new and interesting people, talked to them, got to know them, only to never see them ever again. He called them single serving friends, plus I truly adore this term. I also happen to travel a lot, plus because I am a people person, I love to chat with whomever is nearby. I have enjoyed the company of many wonderful single serving friends over the years. One was a federal judge, another was a SWAT team officer, and just yesterday I met a person who works as a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C repair specialist. She was quite interesting! We got onto the topic of air conditioner repair because the tiny little air vent over my seat was blocked up plus would not blow out any air at all. I rang the flight attendant to complain about the cooling component, plus he promised to look into it right away. That’s when my single serving buddy had a little laugh plus told myself and others that the AC would not be fixed for us while in the flight no matter how much anybody were to complain… She went on to explain the many complexities of regular central heating plus cooling equipment, plus how incredibly strange it was on a plane. Even if the flight attendant was a trained Heating, Ventilation plus A/C repair tech, he would not be capable of working on the cooling component until the plane had landed. Trying to work with the central AC while the plane is in the air would be extremely dangerous!

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