Pet dander with animals

Since I was a little girl, I have wanted a puppy. I don’t love big, loud pets that leave mounds of hair in their path with just a flick of their tail. What I have always wanted, since I was a little girl, was actually a Yorkshire Terrier puppy. My father regularly said no pets, and that I could get one when I moved out… Unfortunately, I moved out of my parent’s home a little later in life than I had anticipated… Fortunately now, I have my own place and it was about time I found my dream puppy! The breed is pretty popular, so I had a lot of options. I finally found a reputable breeder. She had three puppies left in the litter, two boys and a girl. When my boyfriend and I made the decision to go see the pups, the female instantly melted my heart! I knew I had to have her. My lovely boyfriend bought her that day, and the two of us made the decision to go straight to the pet store to get everything she would need. Or so we thought… After some research, I realized that we would not only need to change our habits, but to be safe, it seemed the two of us needed to adjust our air intake as well. We discovered that between the pet odor, the skin dander, and the urine stains, we should probably purchase an air purifier for our HVAC system. The odors from the puppy can cause respiratory distress for he and I since the two of us already have a sensitivity to allergens. After looking into this, we discovered that a good air purification plan can remove most allergens, airborne irritants, dust, and unpleasant odors from our home. We want to improve the air quality for ourselves and our new puppy. I am so happy I researched all of this because I never would have known better.