The heater leaks

Just around 2 weeks ago I began to consider that there was a smell of natural gas in our home.  When I asked Adam if he smelled it as well Adam told me he didn’t smell anything.  I ignored it for a few more days thinking that my sense of smell was killing me.  After […]

Building with radiant heater in mind

Since it is now the middle of Wintertime plus since I recently moved a bit farther north than I ever used to live, I am now starting to learn a bit more about heating the house. Since I have never built my own beach house plus I always lived with pretty much no option about […]

Shelter HVAC equipment

Last week or so, I joined a group at my church, plus our whole purpose overall is to support our city’s women’s shelter. Whatever they need, they call us right up plus the people I was with and I do what we can manage to help them out. There are several excellent church plus other […]

You can rent HVAC

The two of us had the most attractive wedding this warm summer season. The two of us had planned it with genuine care for over a year. Each and every detail was cautiously chosen. The two of us knew exactly what we wanted for the entire affair from the ceremony to the reception. The two […]

Smart heating and air

I have been dealing with someone with alzheimer’s disease for a few years now. I think this illness is one of the worst out there to deal with. While every illness has its difficulties, alzheimer’s affects the memory. Often the guy or gal who is caring for the individual is a family member. Not only […]

Cooling filters and pets

I live in a studio room cottage. It genuinely suits my sparse lifestyle. I am a minimalist at heart. I don’t have the need for a lot of space. I don’t genuinely have that much furniture or things I need to store anywhere, but I do have one little weak spot. I have a cat. […]

Dance floor was heated

Our college isn’t as big as most colleges. They don’t have a lot of space to spare for upcoming events, and recently, they have been using the college gym a lot more for the more massive events. Because of this development over the last few years, they decided to change up their old heating plus […]

Ductless HVAC for my son

My kid has just entered high school. I was surprised when he randomly asked me to buy him a pass for our local gym. He has never liked sports or being physically active, so I didn’t know why he would want one. Still, I want him to be able to stay fit if that’s what […]

Space heater blew a fuse

Winter has arrived, but where I live, it’s not very cold at all. In fact, it’s hot and humid here most of the year. That’s exactly why I don’t have a full heating system in my house. I have an air conditioner that I have to run non-stop, and I prefer to skip out on […]

Safe operation of the heater

A good neighbor of mine recently had a fire in her property.  The fire was caused by a faulty section heater.  She had left the section oil furnace plugged in and it was operating, but she wasn’t paying enough attention to it.  Someone placed a blanket on the section heater, and the blanket caught on […]