The Smart Thermostat

When we first moved into our new home, the property manager asked us to inspect every room of the home. She also told us that the owners of the home had left us a letter detailing how to use the HVAC thermostat located in the home. In every home I had ever lived in, we […]

. A Gas Leak Part 2

I had almost gotten to the point where I could not smell the gas odor in our home anymore, but now that my friends were pointing out the odor to me, I began to notice it more distinctly again. I told my friend that the gas heater was not even running, and he asked if […]

Guest room

In my house, we recently built a new guestroom out of the attic space. The only downside to the guest room was that we didn’t have an HVAC system or ductwork connecting to that room. I figured that we would have to install a mini ductless unit in there or some sort of portable HVAC […]

TV show marathon

Some friends of mine were telling me they were going to have a walking dead TV show marathon. They were basically just going to binge watch the show for an entire weekend. They invited me to come over to watch the show as well. My friend there has a nice mini movie theatre inside of […]

Too Hot On Vacation

My wife and kids love going on vacation. They book a trip every winter. They enjoy visiting various beaches across the country. I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids, but hate going to beach destinations. I am always too hot. I have to spend a lot of the time in our rental house […]

Zone Control Birthday Gift

Last month was my wife’s 50th birthday. I wanted to get her something special. She is constantly working around the house. She picks up after my daughter and I. She is forever dusting or vacuuming the house. She never sits still. Over the last year, she has been complaining about the temperature inside the house. […]

Place has the intense a/c

I try to go out to lunch with my own Grandparents at least once a month, then my Grandparents are easy folks! They love to go to a nice restaurant, eat a hamburger and talk about how busy life is for retired grape farmers, then i sit in, do my time and make them nice […]

TV shows with heating

My mother and I get hooked on cable shows, and every one of us option a show, marathon through the seasons and usually finish a whole great show within a few weeks, then every one of us move onto the next 1, and i appreciate to marathon in the Winter season. In the Summer my […]

Never get rid of a/c systems

I recall conversing to our Grandparents last time I visited them about something terribly shocking to me. My Grandma lived in a city that was entirely torn down in order for an interstate road to be built. They were given a month before they had to move. gratefully, they were compensated for the cost of […]

He has the better HVAC

I’ve regularly been a little jealous of our sister, and this girl is able to repair just about anything there is, then i recall when the two of us were all going on a trip to our relatives’ locale, and the van broke down… She fiddled around with the engine for awhile with her bucket […]