Pacific Northwest

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I was very excited to be relocating to a new part of the country. I was offered a job there, and I jumped on it because I knew that the area was beautiful and there was a lot to be seen there. I rented an apartment that I found online and sign the lease before even moving. It all happened very quickly. When I arrive to get all my stuff moved in the apartment looks great, but there was no air conditioner in the unit. There was a heater, but I couldn’t imagine why there was no cooling system. I called the landlord to ask if I was overlooking something, but she informed me that there were not many houses with air conditioners in the region. She told me that cooling systems were it necessary for the majority of the year, so most houses did not have them. To stay cool, I would have to open windows, turn on my fans, and do whatever else I needed to to let the air circulate throughout the home. Make some adjusting because I was used to being able to turn on the A/C whenever I wanted to. It had never occurred to me that they were areas in the country that did not rely on their HVAC units to keep them comfortable. It made a lot of sense though because the climate in the Pacific Northwest is relatively mild compared to where I had been living before. So far, I’ve really enjoyed myself here. I have gotten used to the ways of life, and I think I’m going to stay here for several years.

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