Out to dinner and a/c

My wifey & I don’t go out to eat at overpriced diners genuinely often but for our anniversary we usually wanted to go anywhere genuinely nice to celebrate.  We made reservations & planned for a fun evening out. On the evening of our dinner we arrived at the diner on time & ready for a wonderful meal. As we were shown to our table, I came to notice that the room was hot & stuffy.  We took our seats & realized that the whole area was genuinely hot & it began to become extremely uncomfortable. I needed to take off my sport coat to be more comfortable. My wifey was wiping her forehead with her linen napkin.  Just then we noticed a Heating & A/C corporation truck pulled up to the establishment & a few guys got out and came into the building. The employer hurried to greet them & showed them hastily to the back. The room continued to be hot & unbearable.  When our waitress came to the table, I asked about the heat & she informed us that the a/c had failed & was just now being repaired. We noticed that a ton of the customers were looking most uncomfortable & a few even left without eating. We are seasoned diehards & decided to stick it out.  After a few minutes we could feel that wonderful cool air coming from the air ducts near our table. This was genuinely welcome cool air. Soon the Heating & A/C servicemen came from the back & briefly spoke with the employer of the diner. She looked genuinely cheerful & shook all their hands in a sign of thanks.  We were able to sincerely enjoy our anniversary dinner with the help of some good heating ventilation & a/c professionals saving the night.

a/c unit