Our rentals getting HVAC

I live in an apartment complex.  It was built a few years ago, so it is a fairly new building compared to the spaces plus homes in the neighborhood.  It has many housing units. The building is fairly clean too; I rarely run into any debris, dirt or mold in the place.  There are a few times that I have run into the other renters, and they have been truly great. They welcomed myself and others into the place when I first moved.  After residing in this place for a few days now, the a/c device started to have issues. At first, it was not really working at full capacity. I assumed that it was just  sick and tired from running all morning plus needed a break. Then, after a few weeks, it stopped running all over. I initially believed that it was just our unit, but abruptly discovered not that.  When I called our building manager about the complications, he expressed major grief over it. He shared that a few of the other units were also experiencing such problems. The other places were starting to see their cooling units go down in production as well.  When I ran into a few of our friends, they told myself and others that they could barely go to bed anymore. It seemed like no one was handling this truly well. After about a few days, the entire building was without cold air. The landlord chose to replace the cooling units throughout the entire place.

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