Our rental’s air conditions

I recently moved into a current apartment that i’m renting. It looked ok when we were checking it out, however after about a week or two of living here, I started having some disappointing allergic reactions to something all the time! I suspected it may have been the indoor air pollen levels, however I actually wasn’t totally sure because I do have an air cleaner, however, after talking about having a neighbor who’s more sensitive than me to general indoor air pollen levels, I found that it was certainly the indoor air pollen levels as well as that I needed to get more than a general air cleaner to repair this situation. I soon went and called our landlord to complain, as well as he responded quickly and instantly called the local heating as well as cooling company to check and see if they could have a look at the Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan for the place in the apartment in case it was having to do with the current ductwork needing to be cleaned. So, in a jif the local Heating as well as Air Conditioning repair guy came out to have a look at the system, as well as it turned out that indeed it was the extremely filthy ductwork, however all of us busy an appointment to have it well cleaned. In the meantime, I went out as well as obtained a brand current air cleaner to use that was a bit more powerful than the one I had. Plus, with it being so fresh as well as unused, it would task a bit better overall in combating the filthy ductwork as well as air conditioning filter in the house, however after all that, finally, the Heating as well as Air Conditioning repair guy came back to my place a week later to do the work, as well as it took him about 4 hours, however in the end, the entire home felt so much better, our flu symptoms were calm as well as the indoor air pollen levels were under control and it was now of the perfect kind! Was so nice to be able to take satisfaction our current home.