Our house air conditioning equipment

I love travelling.  Every chance I get I am booking a new trip to somewhere new and exciting.  What I love about about traveling is I get to experience different cultures and meet new and unique people along the way. One of the best parts about planning trips is I get to determine where I want to go and where exactly I want to stay. There are so many unique locales available for rent these days that it’s typically a treat to be able to book a spot that’s not a normal hotel room in the city.  Now, you can book a small cottage in the middle of nowhere, or you can book a home right on the beach. The possibilities are nearly endless! Although, the last place that I booked was not so great. After arriving late and feeling very sleepy, I realized that the hotel had no air conditioning! It was the middle of summertime too, on the fourth floor. Naturally, I thought opening the windows would work just fine, only to realize that it was so humid outside that everything instantly felt wet and the temperature did not improve. I didn’t know how a hotel, in this day and age, wouldn’t have access to any sort of air conditioning unit! Luckily, they had a few fans that I set up for a little air circulation however with no climate control I wasn’t going to last long there.  The next day I packed up my stuff and decided to check into the next spot early. I knew they had air conditioning available!

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