Our concert a/c device

I love a lot of different types of music. I adore country music because my best friend from college used to write country music as well as play guitar  in a famous country band in the 90’s. That provided me an appreciation for what some people look down upon as twangy nonsense. I also love classical music as well as the classic oldies. To sum it up, I love it all. That is why I am grateful that our city has free concerts in the park for about more than three months of the year. The bad part is, of course, that they are held in the summertime when it is so ridiculously hot, what with being outside instead of in air conditioning system! Occasionally, I would rather not go if it means there is no air conditioning system. I am just getting older as well as love to have Heating as well as A/C comfort at all times. Then, recently, my  neighbor honestly wanted to go to a particular concert, but she could not persuade anyone to go with her, so I agreed to go, even though I usually make air conditioning system a requirement in the summertime. So, anyway, off the two of us went this a single Wednesday night, to hear the horns as well as tambourines as well as such. Much to our surprise, the outdoor concert was really held under a large tent. And inside that tent, all over the place, were placed several portable box fans. Those box fans were not the same as having a real air conditioning system, of course, however those box fans did a pretty good job of keeping me decently cool. Someone told me that some outdoor concert producers have portable air conditioning system units set up at their events, which is also great! Those box fans have made me able to go to hear the concerts again!

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