Our car’s cooling device

I think that, if I were to let her, my wife would buy a different truck every year, but she enjoys change, and she likes driving trucks. She does not really want to have a brand current truck every year, but she gets bored easily and wants to try current things. Last year, she traded in her newer truck for an old 1973 pickup truck. She was obsessed with it. I was less so. We have several adolescents with a sixth kid on the way, and it was simply impossible to get enough  automobile seats in that aged truck! Clearly, folks back in the 70’s were not as distraught about child safety as automobile seat manufacturers are this day and age! Even worse, that aged truck did not have any air conditioner at all. From what I could tell, it had never had air conditioner. Driving with both of the windows down worked quite well for my wife driving to and from work, but when all of us were heading out on a date, and I had fixed my hair just right for a romantic night, the sassy windblown look was just not going to chop it. I hated to crush my wife’s dreams, but finally, I made it abundantly clear to her that this truck was not laboring. She was absolutely not too heartbroken to hear this, because that meant she got to go truck hunting once again! I made it very clear that the only thing I cared about was proper, laboring air conditioner and space for extra automobile seats. She did very well. She found a nice, presentable truck that has strong air conditioner, a temperature control unit, and space for several little 1s in the back seat. I was very ecstatic that all of us finally had tranathletic interestation with HVAC again!

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