Our a/c broke on us

A couple weeks ago, my neighbors across the street faced some trouble when their A/C started smoking. Now, I don’t believe much about air units, but I’m fairly particular they’re not supposed to smoke. They got the same idea from it too, naturally. With how hot it’s been out lately, it wasn’t satisfactory for them to stay in a place without A/C while waiting on their Heating & Air Conditioning specialist to come out to check on it. Since I know how costly it can be to stay in a hotel, I provided to let them – a seemingly normal couple – stay a few days in my spare room. They were grateful and accepted the offer, and while they had an indoor cat they brought over with them, I was assured they wouldn’t cause any trouble, and the litter box was set up in the room with them. At first, everything was going pretty okay. Their Heating & Air Conditioning specialist had come over to take a look at their system and had serviced the problem, letting them know the service estimate and that it would just take a day or two for him to get a hold of the necessary replacement parts. During the day, they were wonderful and courteous, but at night I was shocked to hear just how loud they snored. Both of them were insanely loud snorers! They must have thick walls over at their place because I couldn’t think I hadn’t heard them snore before with just how loud it was. I was far happier than they were when the time passed and they were informed their A/C was working again. They’re a lovely couple, don’t get me wrong, but let’s just say I’m blissful they live across the street and not in my spare room all the time!

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