On the road HVAC

Last month, I hopped on a plane and I headed south for a vacation.  It was below freezing when I left my home, and the snow was coming down at an inch an hour.  I had to brush off my car and move the snow from the driveway.  After that I turned on the heaters and defrosting so I could get the ice off my windshield. Twenty minutes later, I was braving the snow covered, ice slicked highway on the way to the airport.  I had to drag my luggage through the driving snow, and by the time my luggage was checked, I was wet and my feet were frozen.  I removed all of my layered clothing and put them with my checked luggage.  I didn’t think I would need my winter clothing since I was going south.  The airport was so hot that I was sweating within a couple of minutes.  Their thermostat had to be set at eighty, and the furnace was running the entire time.  I wasn’t hot for long, for when I boarded the plane, the HVAC was so low that I instantly began to shiver.  Even though I adjusted the air vents, I continued to shiver.  I endured another overly heated airport during my layover, and once again experienced a bout of shivering when I got on the plane.  The air quality was nasty, and half of the people on board were sneezing and coughing.  Someone really needs to redesign their HVAC system.  I finally got off the plane and I left the airport behind me.  My head was pounding like a bass drum by the time I got settled, and I had the HVAC thermostat set to where I could be comfortable.                                                                   

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