On and off again heater

As a person who loves the snow and all of the activities that come along with them, I have to say that I’m tired of it this year and wanted to go away. I never thought I would say that, even though I am.  This year has been nothing but nuisance snow. All winter long our weather has fluctuated and we either receive 4 or 5 inches of snow, or we get an inch of rain. Some days are sunny and warmer, While others are cloudy and freezing.  The groundhog saw his shadow a couple of mornings ago, which according to tradition, means we have several more weeks of Winter. It doesn’t matter what he says, there is going to be several more weeks of Winter, according to the calendar.  But, I am ready for an early Spring! I want to be able to open up the windows, and turn off the oil furnace. It would be nice to have a couple of months where I don’t have to listen to the noise every time it turns on and off. I won’t be hearing the oil furnace as it grumbles while heating up and then blasting warm air through the ductwork.  I’m tired of having the humidifier going all day and night, just so my hair doesn’t stand on end and my skin isn’t like the skin of an alligator. Mostly, I am just plain old tired of the cold want it gone. I would also like to have a break on the utility bills for a bit. It would be so nice to turn off the HVAC system and know that I don’t have to touch it until Summer. In a few weeks,maybe my dreams will come true.  Until then, I guess I am stuck with the same old cold and the droning sound of the HVAC system.

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