Old fashioned opinions of HVAC systems

When growing up, my dad never had any form of air conditioning in his home.  The reason for this was that his dad felt it a tremendous waste of money to pay for cool air.  They suffered through the summers with fans and sleepless nights. He used to look forward to spending the night at his friends houses because most of them had air conditioning.  Now, we too, do not have air conditioning. He still thinks the way his dad did, he feels that it is a waste of money. I have tried to explain to his the vast different in technology that is available today but he just won’t listen.  His old fashioned thinking is really starting to get to me though. I decided to ask a local HVAC dealer to come to the house and explain it to him. He wasn’t happy at first when I told him about the appointment but agreed to sit through it anyway just to be polite.  I was completely floored when, by the end of the appointment, my dad had not only signed up for air conditioning, but a complete replacement of the system. The dealer pointed out how inefficient our furnace was and how much extra we were spending on utilities. He said that the savings we would see on our annual costs would more than pay for the system and installation within a few year. Now, we will be able to enjoy perfect climate control and dad will be happy too.  I think he will actually regret not looking into the installation earlier.

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