Not living with any cooling

Some people say life is what you make of it.  Well just a few short weeks ago I punched a clock and worked in a cubicle in an office building; I made a nice living, however all I did was work, but there was no enjoyment to life, just the yearly grind. I never realized how awful it was until I got a taste of the island life on a recent vacation. But now everything has changed. I traded in a high rise apartment  for a one room hut on the beach. I don’t have even one debit card any more although I have 4 fishing poles. But I still have a few creature comforts, and on a particularly humid morning I can still plug in a portable A/C unit. The little box style window air conditioning sits on our end table, and although it is small it is strong enough to cool down the entire hut.  My hut does not have electricity, so I first have to plug the A/C unit into an extension cord and ask to plug it in at a neighbor’s house! He is ok with it, both because I only do it every once in awhile, and I always invite him  to come join me and have a beer in a cool room. He is a lifelong island resident and has never legitimately enjoyed the crisp cool air of an Heating and Air Conditioning unit. Of course, having lived here so long he is perfectly good with the temperature and don’t feel he really needs any AC, however he still enjoys mine for novelty value. I am slowly getting used to a life with no AC.

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