Not having any a/c was awkward

When my wife and I first moved into our home, I was quite excited to have some people over for the first time. I wanted us to be able to show off our cute, lodge style home. The first people who came over to visit us were some very dear friends of ours who were only in our town for a short while. We invited them over for fancy dinner and a movie, and they right away accepted. I spent the entire morning before cleaning up the condo and preparing the perfect menu. The next morning, I got back home from work to discover that the air conditioner was not laboring. I wanted to cry. It was a boiling hot day out, and our friends were not going to be ecstatic without air conditioner because Jessie was more than 6 months pregnant. I thought about just going out for dinner so that all of us could still have cooling, but all of us did not have cash to buy everyone’s dinner. Instead, I opened all of the windows and prayed for a breeze to negate the effect of being without cooling. Shockingly, it kind of worked. When our friends arrived, they commented on the how fresh the air was and not on the fact that our temperature control was not laboring and no air conditioning was flowing from our air conditioner vents. Of course, all of us apologized profusely, but it was not at all necessary. Thankfully, the night went very well. We were able to get the cooling fixed the very next morning, and I still joke with our friends about our first fancy dinner get together. The next time all of us had people over, there were, thankfully, no more air conditioner complications for us.