No longer any cooling

Going to school to become an environmental specialist is an undoubtedly strenuous thing to do… We’ve had to study the effects of populations on the ecosystem, and sometimes it can be a daunting task. Last summer our group set out on a week-long river trip to discover what problems have been caused by recent flooding in a specific area. The plan was to travel during the day and have stopping points along the way where we could sleep. For the most part, there were camping spots, but we all looked forward to the second night when we were going to be staying in a hotel. I couldn’t wait to arrive and to be able to take a shower and to relax in an air-conditioned space. Little did I know that the hotel was far from anything that would be considered modern. It was located in a small neighborhood and was a combination post office, grocery store, and gas station. All the residents knew each other and most of them were related. The hotel was nothing more than an outdated cabin that had been converted into rooms. It didn’t have many of the new conveniences that I would expect to find at a hotel. I was able to take a shower, however there was no form of A/C at all. When I asked what they did to keep cool, the lady at the front desk simply said that they could lend me a box fan if I wanted it! She said that they didn’t think it was worth the expense of putting in an A/C unit when most of the time they didn’t have any out-of-town guests, anyway.

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