No heating in the restaurant

This is by far one of the worst months of the new.  It’s the cold season here and it’s super cold, although I don’t have a really good working oil furnace thanks to my rental agreement. The oil furnace just up and stopped on me about two weeks ago and ever since that point, the rental agreement has been hanging on by a thin thread. I have been talking with the property owner over the cost of a new oil furnace. So, I am residing current without any sort of heating device. I thought about attempting to fix the oil furnace on my own dollar and then just refusing to pay rent after until all of the costs are done and over with, although I am not sure that is really all to legal to demand. I’ve already had legitimately hardocre conversations with the rental owner who told myself and others they were now fixing it and the have a plan to have it fixed as soon as it is possible. The rental owner basically alluded to telling myself and others I could cut my lease in half if I wanted to. But, I just moved in one month ago and really like the place. I am not keen on packing up my stuff again any time soon. I just want a good working gas furnace. I went out and bought a newer heater, although I think my electric bills are going to be absurdly high this time. Perhaps I can talk to my rental supplier for reimbursement on the cost of my electric bill for the month. The space heater and oil furnace does not work, however at least I’m not shivering in my own house.