No heater in the mountain

My fiance and I made the mistake of taking a week-long trip last December.  At the time, we thought the snowy trees and mountains would be peaceful and romantic.  The two of us thought it would be a great way to get away from our hectic everyday lives.  Amy and I rented a modern home in the middle of a mountain forest.  We didn’t want to completely go without, so we made sure the modern home was equipped with electricity, running water, in addition to beds.  It wasn’t until later we realized we should have been more thorough about temperature control, . We really just assumed the modern home would be outfitted with a working heater… I wasn’t expecting a top of the line gas heating system with zone control and a dynamic smart thermostat.  I would have been ecstatic with just a few portable heaters.  When we arrived at the cabin, I spent quite a while searching for a thermostat or some air vents.  Instead, there was nothing but an ancient wood fireplace.  There was not a single chopped log for us to use, although I did find an axe outside.  I’ve never chopped down a tree in my whole life.  I spent over an hour chopping down and splitting up a really small tree.  I then needed to haul the logs back to the cabin, only to track in snow and mud through all over the cabin.  The wood was wet, so when I finally managed to get the fire started, the modern home filled with smoke.  Then we ended up burning the entire tree within several hours.  It was much easier to sit in the vehicle to run the heater.  We were actually lucky we had packed a bunch of warm and cozy jackets and socks.  Without a modern heating system, we shivered all month long.  

heating workman