No cooling system in the hotel

There is something really wonderfully comforting about knowing where you are going to be sleeping and staying while traveling on the road. However i have taken so many trips in the past where I didn’t book a hotel well in advance. After that, I can tell you that winging it is not something I would advocate traveling people to do because it often left me without having any sort of superb locale to spend the entire evening before hitting the road again. I can recall several times when I was out on the road plus in need of a hotel room at about 3am. I often got the last room a locale would even have to offer, plus this often meant that the rented room wasn’t exactly the best. In fact, there were several times when I had to spend the long evening without an air conditioning unit at all. Trying to get to sleep without a cooling system in place is not something I’m truly fond of, so I always tossed plus turned for the whole evening when this happened. I’d wind up waking up several times during the evening feeling sick and exhausted, however there was nothing that could be done. Of course, the next morning I would have to hit the road feeling totally unrested and unprepared to start my drive again. At least I could operate the car’s AC unit the whole time I drove to try to stay awake!  Still, I’ll never forget to check ahead and secure my room rental ahead of time ever again.

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