No AC when camping

In about two months, I will begin my first major camping adventure. I will be spending two weeks in the mountains, a few hours north of my neighborhood. I am a little nervous because we will be so far out into the wilderness that if there is an emergency, it may be impossible to get help in as quick a manner as possible. I will be among two of my friends from college. We have all the gear we need but I keep telling my friends that we should take a fan along with us. I don’t think my suggestion seemingly unreasonable. I am not accustomed to going without air conditioning and a fan would give us one of the ways we could cool down after long walks. They say that it could be too heavy for us to include along with our clothes, food, tents, and sleeping bags. The longest I have ever gone without there being an air conditioner during a period of very warm weather was many years ago when my HVAC unit stopped cooling for two days. It was dismal. I am used to having cool air blow on me during the hot and humid nights. I wasn’t able to get a good night’s sleep in any way while the A/C was no longer working. The thought of not having the capacity to sleep well for 14 nights straight is a lot more than I might be willing to handle. A battery powered fan would make our trip a lot of better. I know it wouldn’t exactly be “roughing it, ” but who cares. I’m not looking to impress anyone by being really difficult. I just want to take pleasure in my trip!

A/C installation