No AC on our trip

Last year, I took a week long vacation with my family. It was a great idea, and we had an awesome time. It is a challenge for all of us to manage to get together   because we are grown up.  My brother, Paul, & I live in different parts of the country.  When we are together, we always have a wonderful time. We all enjoyed the vacation because we were busy with snorkeling, parasailing, swimming & much more.  Unfortunately, there was one problem. There was no air conditioner working in our hotel room. It was terribly hot in there.Paul and I were on an island in the middle of July & it was excruciatingly hot.  Each day the outside temperature was in the triple digits and there was lots of sun.  We ended up sunburned.  Without an air conditioner, there was no way to cool down.  Our hotel room felt like the inside of an oven.  Honestly, I would never return to that particular resort  because of the lack of air conditioning. It was really nice inside, but having no air conditioner was just too awful. I  don’t understand how a hotel can get by with no cooling system in a  tropical climate. Paul and I wondered if they had just opened and still planned to install a cooling system.Even without the air conditioner, we still managed to have an enjoyable time. Paul and I spent a lot of time in air conditioned places, such as restaurants, shopping malls & a few aquariums. But returning to that overheated hotel room was awful!

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