No a/c in the house

It’s strange how your mood can influence your memory. Have you ever seen a movie while you were in a terrible mood, & you totally hated it? And then at some time later you happen to see the movie again, only this time you aren’t depressed or angry! And then you realize the movie is actually good, & it was just your terrible mood that made you not like it in the first place? It has happened to me more than once, & not just with movies. That was just an example I figured people can relate to, but for me specifically, I was at my grandmother’s house and the last time I went she had no air conditioning so my memory of the visit was awful but then I returned there last week, & now it is Winter so the lack of cooling didn’t matter at all, and i had the best time! We sat next to the fireplace, burning logs & sipping hot cocoa & catching up on days gone by. The wood burning furnace is her only heating source for her little house, although, I tell you it is powerful! She had never had a cooling system in her whole life; not surprising for a lady who withstood the Great Depression. Later on in life she declined on getting an HVAC system installed, because she felt it was a luxury, & that all she genuinely needed was a modest gas furnace for the winters, & a stiff breeze on a hot summer’s day. A/C or not, I’m going back to visit her!