Nextdoor guy about HVAC

I am likely the least friendly man on our street and I am truly proud of that title… I don’t prefer to make or have friends. I feel that friends are a ton of work, constantly needing favors and supply no true benefit to you. I also love the fact that I can go grocery shopping, take a walk or mow the grass without anyone speaking to me. I try to be as unfriendly as possible towards most people. The only man who has not realized my entirely unfriendly ways is my neighbor Bob. Bob owns his own Heating and Air Conditioning company. He does Heating and Air Conditioning installation, Heating and Air Conditioning tune ups and also proper Heating and Air Conditioning repairs. Bob is always dropping by the dwelling and handing me a flyer for his Heating and Air Conditioning business. I don’t even know if he is NATE certified or even rated by the BBB. I basically feel like Bob is just a guy with a toolbox that just so happens to know a lot about Heating and Air Conditioning. All I know for certain is that Bob is especially annoying and is desperate to look at our heating and cooling appliance. I don’t support this kind of behavior and he will never get his hands on our Heating and Air Conditioning appliance. I take the flyers and use them for scrap paper. Anytime he tries to talk to me about his Heating and Air Conditioning services, I don’t ever respond to him. I tried at one point playing deaf, but the man saw right through me. I need to really work on my strategy and get to where he feels he can’t knock on our door anymore. I have thought about saying I don’t own any Heating and Air Conditioning appliances for religious beliefs. Perhaps then, maybe he would leave me alone.

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