New HVAC professional

Year after year my wife and I save most of our income so we can buy a new house. We don’t really want to invest in the heating unit our house has since we’re planning on selling it off next summer. The only problem is that each winter we need to deal with the very limited heating that our furnace puts out. It’s enough to keep from going stone cold however my wife and I still try to save money on the bills by simply dressing in layers to keep warm and cutting costs when we can. Next year we’re going to be getting a home with a state of the art HVAC system… We’re also going to invest in zone controls where we can choose the temperature for each room instead of setting one temperature for the entire house. We’re so happy about it and can’t wait for this change. It’s a large investment and the mortgage will be a hefty bill however the heating and energy bills will be about the same as what we currently pay. My wife and I spoke to a trained HVAC professional about the matter of heating bills and he verified the amount of money we’ll save with the zone control unit will be noticeable and it will eventually pay for itself. We’re also very meticulous with our furnace repairs so we’ll be adamant about changing the air filters and keeping up with the yearly maintenance. We’ve been saving for years however we recognize a brand new home with a completely updated HVAC system will make it all worth the time and capital invested. Next summer just can’t come soon enough.

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