New gadgets in HVAC

Reports show that over three quarters of all the households in the United States have air conditioners.  This same report details that air conditioners use about 6% of all the energy produced in the country. As a result of all the air conditioners in use, millions of tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere every single year.   Throughout most of the 20th century, nearly all air conditioners used a particular chemical in the refrigerant that was later discovered by scientists to be really damaging to the earth’s ozone layer… Fortunately, the production of all air conditioning system devices made with that harmful chemical was ceased.  Regrettably, the damage was absolutely done. Nearly all air conditioners are made to use a different refrigerant these days, plus even that chemical will be phased out in the next decade. Do yourself plus the deteriorating ozone an enormous favor plus contact a HVAC professional who will help you to get the latest HVAC technology on the market.  This will benefit the family plus the pocketbook because additional data included in the report shows that air conditioning devices cost homeowners more than $29 billion each year, plus respected maintenance can keep your air conditioning device running much more efficiently. Whether you have a current or an older HVAC device, you will benefit from respected maintenance on the air conditioning device.  You will want to get regular air filter changes, the sealing of any holes in the air duct, plus of course, the air conditioning device worker will keep the component in its best shape while the device continues keeping you plus your family cool plus comfy.

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