New cooling systems

For too many years I have been using a portable air conditioning unit for relief from summer’s heat and humidity. In the past, this has worked out pretty well for me, because our summer is usually pretty quick in this area, so I never concerned myself with purchasing a permanent air conditioning system. This past summer, however, made me rethink that.  I had some trouble with my portable air conditioner. In May I usually lug it out of our garage and set it into the window without too much hassle. It’s an incredibly heavy unit, but thankfully, I don’t have a long way to carry it, and it’s only twice each year. This year, I lost my grip and dropped the thing on my feet the instant I picked it up! I have not had to deal with that much pain in a long time! I picked it back up, and I labored my way back into the house. I got it into the window and plugged it in, but for whatever reason, the air conditioning unit wouldn’t even fire up. I am guessing that I damaged some component inside when I dropped it, because the thing was dead. This air conditioner is up there in age, and I’m not certain that an HVAC repair is worth it. I have to say that after dropping the thing on my feet, I’m kind of done with the whole thing! I’ve actually been looking into having central air conditioning installed. It seems practical, I can enjoy central heating and cooling without worrying about having to drag that heavy, cumbersome air conditioner around. At least I wouldn’t have to be concerned about injuring myself!

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